Sleep aid watch microcurrent pulse

Sleep aid watch microcurrent pulse

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Our sleep aid watch microcurrent pulse sleeping anti-anxiety device, which massages the wrist with micro-current, sends a signal through the median nerve at the wrist's underside. Allowing you to boost focus, decrease anxiety, make people feel calm, encourage sleep, relieve tension, and help people fall asleep faster and sleep better.

The sleep assistance instrument employs a wristband watch with a stainless steel touch surface that is easy to wear and may be utilized at any time. Using it in a strange area, especially when traveling, will assist you to go sleep as quickly as feasible. With hand and brain frequency, the sleep aid device can effectively stimulate your hands and ease worry.

The sleep aid machine primarily assists those with insufficient sleep and anxiety quality to fall asleep; it just takes 10 minutes to calm you and has the capability of reducing headaches, anxiety, and stress. The sleep assistance devices have three settings: soft/standard/powerful. These modes help you sleep at night, allowing you to focus on key concerns and complete tasks efficiently.

The sleep aid devices have a low-frequency decompression mode and a high-frequency stimulation mode, which help with sleep at night and energy during the day. They can help you focus on vital topics and complete tasks efficiently. Simply push the power button on the sleep aid gadget to change the mode, +/- to raise or decrease the intensity, and control and calm emotions.
The microcurrent sleep aid wristband watch machine for adults stimulates acupuncture points, encouraging sleep, relaxation, and stress relief. Wearing technique of a watch, one-button switch mode, quick and easy to use, control and calm emotions, one-of-a-kind gift excellent for loved ones, friends, or yourself.
  • ✔️Help fast sleeping
  • ✔️Effectively scientifically designed
  • ✔️Easy to use and ideal gift
  • ✔️Small but powerful
  • ✔️Latest sleeping aid instrument
  • ✔️Microcurrent sleep technology
  • ✔️Encourage better sleep
  • ✔️Improve sleeping
  • ✔️Relieve tension
  • ✔️Battery Life: 15h
  • ✔️Rechargeable 150 mAh battery
  • ✔️Working Time: 10/20/30m
  • ✔️Anti-anxiety device
  • ✔️Excellent gift for senior loved ones
  • ✔️Sleeping pills free sleepy

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