Self-Heating Decompression Lumbar Back Belt iciCosmetic™

Self-Heating Decompression Lumbar Back Belt. Check The Details To Know More


Back Support System for Instant Pain Relief - Say goodbye to your painful back with this back belt that will relieve you from strained and stressed tissues and muscles faster than you think. It's been intended to ease the pressure, relieve discomfort, and lessen spine strain.

Sufficient Support & Comfort Around the Lower Back - When you use this back brace, you will enjoy a level of comfort and freedom from lower back discomfort that no other support item can match. When you're at peace, you can go about your business uninterrupted, and that's exactly what our back support belt provides!

Lightweight & Premium Material - We use extremely breathable and lightweight material to produce this lower back pain relief belt so you don't have to worry about sweaty and moisture-built backs. The piece includes a mesh cushion that allows air to travel through, ensuring that your back is dry at all times.

Features -
✅ Scientific and ergonomic fixed waist belt that can fit the waist curve and provide effective vertebrae support and better lumbar protection.

✅ Auxiliary ABS support plates and metal support plates with reinforced strong springs provide extra stability for double waist protection, effectively reducing waist pressure and soreness while also preventing muscular atrophy.

✅ Built-in 12pcs self-heating magnets will provide hot acupuncture therapy to effectively open the pores and penetrate into the skin to dispel coldness and strengthen blood recycling for body fatigue and muscle pain relief, with 3 replaceable and detachable pads for multipurpose treatment effects and all-season enjoyment.
✅ The 360-degree traction and compression design slims the waist and lifts the breasts while also stretching the spine and dispersing strain on the lumbar spine for total protection.

Specifications -
✅ Aluminum + Spring + Breathable Mesh + Velvet Buffer are the materials used in this product. Foam Memory
✅ Rheumatism, Lumbar Disc Protrusion, Lumbar Muscle Strain, Waist Sprain, Pain & Discomfort Due to Long Sitting Lumbar Pain, Hunchback Posture, Waist Curve Repair, and Daily Waist Care.
✅ To avoid skin burns, it should not be worn for more than 2 hours if it is directly on the skin.
Package Includes -
1* Lumbar Support Belt
3* Replaceable Pads
1 Set of* Metal Plates
1 Set of* ABS Plates