Anti-aging Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening Facial Lifting Machine

Radiofrequency skincare devices can solve many people's skin problems. For teenagers, it can solve these problems, such as removing acne, whitening their skin, and shrinking pores. For ladies, skin tightening & Lifting, skin moisturize and regenerate. For middle-aged women, it can help you remove wrinkles from anti-aging.

Heat cold facial device is very suitable for skin to daily care, like aging skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and others. Cold face devices can shrink pores, calms the skin, reduces redness, lock in moisture, and reduces skin oil. Cold compress around the eyes can relieve eye fatigue and relieve eye pressure.

On one hand, the photon face machine uses red light (wavelength 622 nm ± 10 nm) to stimulate collagen production and accelerate the natural healing process of the skin. On the other hand, blue light (wavelength 465nm ± 10nm) is effective for protecting your skin after removing acne. It can penetrate 0.25mm under the cortex, destroy the living environment of acne.

It restores skin elasticity by activating cells, to solve some skin problems and anti-aging. Besides, an electric face massage machine can penetrate the skin deeply to replenish skin moisture and make your skin more moisturizing, smoother, and more tender.

The heating facial machine has a smart reminder to change the zone function. It means that after using the same area for 15s, the electric face machine will beep to remind you to switch to the next area for care.EMS, RF, HF function will be lasted 10 mins then shut down automatically, Cool function will be shut down automatically after 3 mins.
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