Brightify Deep Cleaning Foam Toothpaste iciCosmetic™

Brightify Deep Cleaning Foam Toothpaste. Check The Details To Know More

Brightify Deep Cleansing Foam Toothpaste - In the shape of a foam, our rigorous exfoliating whitening toothpaste successfully cleans tartar at 360°, removes odor, and polishes teeth. Tooth decay can be prevented and dental health can be improved with long-term use.

Natural Components - Made from natural plant extracts, it aids in the decomposition of tooth pigmentation. It has a new look and fits well on the tooth's surface. At the same time, you'll be able to use it with greater confidence!

Long Lasting Bright Smile - Remove stains and whiten your teeth while brushing your teeth for a long-lasting brilliant smile. It has the ability to perfectly work on the surface of your teeth, giving it a brand new appearance!

Dense Stain Removal Toothpaste - Baking soda's excellent cleaning capacity allows it to enter enamel fissures and remove food particles and deep stains.

Easy To Use - Our teeth whitening toothpaste is lightweight and portable, with a press-fit form that eliminates the need to squeeze out the toothpaste, and it is convenient and quick to use. So you can carry it with you everywhere you go!