Portable Low Level Cold Laser Pain Relief Therapy Device

An increase in oxygenated blood to the injured tissue accelerates tissue healing.
A safe and painless treatment known around the world as cold laser therapy
Proper alignment and remodelling of collagen reduces internal scar formation and enhances tissue elasticity. This helps in recovering from an injury that had caused a scar that is still red and swollen

For pain relief, trigger point, and myofascial release, use an LLLT laser device or a cold laser surgery device. It can aid in the treatment of chronic pain and the lowering of inflammation. In the comfort of your own home, use 1650 nm and 808 nm with four degrees of intensity to boost your body's ability to heal, mend, and recover

Pain relief, rehabilitation, and better healing of muscles, fascia, tissue, and nerves have all been aided by a rechargeable, planned treatments of 5 to 20 minutes.

LLLT is relatively painless and ready to take care of your pain management, sports rehabilitation, and post-operative care on a regular basis, not just when a Physiotherapist appointment is available.

The LLLT can help to repair damaged muscle fibres and activate myogenic satellite cells that lead to the regeneration of muscle tissue. This treatment helps with muscle pain relief.

Cold Laser Therapy increases the activity of the inflammatory mediators such as macrophages, neutrophils and lymphocytes, which accelerate and resolve the inflammatory process.
The laser therapy device helps with the proliferation of growth factors, which promote neuronal sprouting and myelin formation for optimal nerve recovery. Use this laser device with your everyday therapy to accelerate your healing.


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