Portable Facial Sprayer Face Steamer Spa Nebulizer iciCosmetic™

Portable Facial Sprayer Face Steamer Spa Nebulizer. Check The Details To Know More

Moisturize & Refresh Skin - Nano ultrasonic technology divides water molecules or the mixture of skincare lotion and water into small nanometer particles to help the effective component penetrate into the depth of skin by atomization processing, for better-removing germs and deep cleaning

Multifunctional Mist Sprayer - Ultrasonic vibration technology. Also includes power back function and skin detection function which can measure the oil and moisture on your skin and will show on the LCD screen. It can generate the finest cold fog in 10 seconds for hydrating skin and will not harm the cosmetics

Balance Grease - The handy face mist sprayer may also eliminate dirt, oil, and other pollutants or the residues of makeup. Refreshing skin and reducing tiredness are also useful. Control oil-water balance, making your face looks bright, fresh, and with a healthy complexion. All-around water replenishment, which may be used on the face, hands, body, hair, etc, decrease fine wrinkles and skin sensitivity

Calming Skin - Using a face mask and massage maybe will stimulate the skin after sunburn. Pores open or skin feels unpleasant and irritated. You can spray on the face, neck, arms, and legs after having sunburn will rapidly soothe skin, decrease redness and discomfort

High Capacity Water Tank - 50ml water tank can fulfill your basic requirement with a huge volume of mist. And it is possible to add water or any mixture of skincare lotion and water