Plush anime sleeping eye mask iciCosmetic™

Plush and silk material and high-quality light and comfy plush animal masks. This incredibly attractive sleeping mask is made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and strength. They are also smooth and silky, preventing irritation and discomfort during your beauty slumber. No need to worry, soft animal plush and Silk material will keep your makeup in place! It is created with an elastic bandage that makes it simpler to wear and allows your eyes to rest completely.
Plush an anime sleeping eye mask so you don't have to worry about misplacing or losing your face mask that you've grown so attached to that you can't sleep without it! Make the most of your restful snooze time! The front side is composed of soft plush fabric, while the backside is made of skin-friendly silk fabric and has an elastic bandage. Cute animal designs make it more appealing throughout the holidays. Simply pick one. Children's first choice.
Anime plush sleeping eye mask the blindfold mask has an easily adjustable velcro elastic to provide a great fit, and you may change it to match your face size. It is constructed of a light and breathable material that filters light while allowing vital oxygen to pass through. Purchase your cuddly anime sleeping eye mask. Today and hasn't had a single night of sleep deprivation!

Sleep deeply at any moment. Take a beauty nap at work, or on a lengthy car, bus, rail, or plane travel. With this ultra-soft silk and plush sleeping mask given to you especially, you can block out the light wherever you are and have an uninterrupted pleasant slumber. Because of its warm and pleasant sensations for cute children, the soft sleeping eye mask is an excellent choice for all-season sleep.
Plush anime sleeping eye masks are ideal for persons who struggle to sleep due to insomnia, migraine headaches, or problems falling asleep. Avoid sleeping drugs that have unfavorable side effects; instead, a plush anime sleeping eye mask can help you go asleep without the need for any medicines or supplements. This travel mask is also an ideal gift for children, men, and women of all ages. Give it as a farewell gift, for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any other occasion.
  • Fully adjustable for a perfect fit 
  • The front side soft plush anime
  • Enjoy uninterrupted sleep
  • Children pleasant sensations 
  • Package Weight: Approx. 20g
  • Size: Approx. 19.5*8.5cm
  • Sleep & snoring anime plush eye mask


  • Package Include:
  • 1 x Cartoon blackout eye mask (Without Retail Box)