Original Detox Foot Patches (200 Pcs)

Every day, dangerous pollutants enter your body through the water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the environment in which you live. Toxins accumulate over time and have an impact on your overall health and well-being. High blood pressure, headaches, cellulite, depression, diabetes, sleeplessness, and weight loss are all treated with Detox Foot Pads.

Cleansing can assist you in living a better and more fulfilling life. Foot Pads by Dr. Group are created with bamboo extracts, herbs, and gemstones and were developed after years of medical research in Japan.
Before going to bed, clean your feet by applying one pad to each foot. With the  Detox Foot Pads, you may enjoy the comfort and advantages of detoxification. Your feet have the largest pores in the body, allowing the pads to swiftly remove circulating pollutants. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, even while sleeping.

These feet pad for detox are usually used as an accessory in oriental medicine, natural medicine, reflexology, etc. The detox foot patches work by detoxifying and cleansing your body by drawing the toxins out through the foot patches, revitalizing your body for the day ahead. Footpads for feet aid Sleep, Weight Loss, Increases Overall Health, Improves Circulation, Pain Relief, Cleanse, Detoxify, Stress.

Make of 100% Organic Natural Herbal Minus ion, Bamboo vinegar, Carapace, vitamin C, Wood vinegar, etc. Promoting patches contain exclusively natural and mineral ingredients that are accurately harmonized. When you use it the first night, the following morning you can the discoloration and moisture for Des detox plaster which shows are being strong the toxins, Waste in the body.

Wash and dry your feet or any other area of your body.
One hour before bedtime, apply the detox patch.
Peel one sticky sheet away from the paper cautiously.
Place the footpad on the adhesive sheet where it says "Put adhesive sheet on this side" and stick it to the bottoms of your feet or any other body part you like.
If required, socks can be worn.
After 6-8 hours, remove the pad.
Wipe the surface of the body part with a damp cloth until it is clean.

PACKAGE INCLUDES 200 Pieces of Detox footpads.
After you receive it, we're so certain you will love it that if you don't, you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund.