Air Pressure Leg Beauty Belt

Air Pressure Leg Beauty Belt

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Our Air Pressure Leg Beauty Belt Perfectly reshape and straighten your leg by correcting the joints wrong position from the outside pressure, balance the leg muscles, helps the leg in a straight line. Specially designed to correct the shape of the legs, including O-shaped, X-shaped and loose legs. Equipped with soft knee pads to reduce friction on the inside of the legs and protect the skin on the inside of the knee. Can be used during the day and night to improve balance and leg strength.

Our Air Pressure Leg Beauty Belt is Suitable for X leg type, XO leg type, Luo circle leg, O-type leg, leg not straight, Incorrect walking habits, sitting posture and other reasons that cause the leg to deform. Our leg belt can correct joint position by changing external pressure, balanced leg muscles and make the legs straight. Our Air Pressure Leg Beauty Belt is Made of polyester fibre, soft and breathable, with good elasticity, providing strong support, gently stretching legs and balancing fat. The longest one should be used on the thigh and the shortest one should be tied to the calf. You can fix them according to your own condition.

The leg belt will be very effective when you enjoy it, for example, it can be used during the day and night. By studying, watching TV, sleeping, etc. Helps to improve balance and leg strength. Use the body to relax the knee ligament, thereby adjusting the balance of the knee ligament and joint capsule, using the tension of the lateral collateral ligament, pulling the external rotation of the calf, and returning to the normal knee angle.

Different from the ordinary correction belt on the market, the new pneumatic splint design is more convenient and labour-saving, flexible and easy to adjust, and has a wide application range. For day and night use, you can correct your legs anytime, anywhere. The product uses high-tech materials + T double-sided cloth + Lycra fabric, comfortable and breathable, sturdy and durable. The three-belt integrated design makes the leg strength more uniform and the effect is more obvious.

The workmanship is rigorous, the splicing is firm, the fabric is flexible, and the seams are fixed. Hook and loop design, flexible and adjustable. It is freely inflatable and equipped with a medical-grade pressure airbag for safety and comfort. By manually increasing the air pressure, the elasticity can be adjusted freely, so there is no need to worry about airtightness. Good ventilation, foam and cellular network ventilation, correcting the legs without feeling hot. Perfectly reshape and straighten your legs.

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