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We will give you well-designed compression support stockings that offer graded compression from the heel to the upper leg. Our medical compression varicose veins nursing socks, and therapeutic compression hosiery increase blood circulation and assist alleviate weary, hurting, and exhausted legs. Ideal for varicose and spider vein therapy, diabetic support, lengthy trips, and general oedema or inflammation of the legs and feet.
For both men and women, this opaque and sturdy stocking was designed with your comfort in mind. We are able to make higher-quality compression medical compression varicose veins nursing socks at a low cost by utilizing specialist fabrication technology and medical-grade Lycra materials. The textiles maintain an appropriate temperature and adequate air permeability while remaining soft to the touch for all-day wearing comfort.
The 5 intervals of 20-30 mmHg graded compression provide a compression effect to the leg that is strongest at the ankle and progressively decreases up the leg toward the heart. It aids in the reduction and prevention of oedema in the wearer, as well as the maintenance of good circulation and leg health. The amount of compression in medical compression varicose veins nursing socks is pleasant and safe, making them ideal for usage following surgery.
The medical compression varicose veins nursing socks stay in place all day, thanks to the flexible yet snug wider cuff with silicone dot band. Closed-toe models with a spacious toe do not crush the toes, which prevents soreness. The strengthened heel is intended to provide long-term durability and comfort. Donning is made easier by the thicker, ultra-stretchy fabric.
Prevent and cure varicose veins, spider veins, oedema, blood clots, and DVT effectively. Pain, stiffness, soreness, oedema, and cramping can all be relieved. Available in 5 different sizes to guarantee you get the targeted support and muscle fatigue alleviation you want. The size varies depending on the brand. As a guide, refer to the sizing chart in the image. If your measurements are in-between sizes, use the larger size.
  • Comfort & durable
  • Extra-wide plus size
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Relieve swelling
  • Graduated compression
  • Flat seams on foot
  • 20-30mmHg graduated pressure
  • 75% Nylon 25% Lycra Spandex