Instant Lip Plumping Serum iciCosmetic™

Need a fix for your lips? This Instant Lip Plumping Serum is a revolutionary lip plumper that will give you plumper, fuller and much softer lips in no time!


The magic works for up to 48 hours after application by enlarging the size and profile for your lip.
This 100% natural lip plumping serum is the absolute best way to instantaneously enhance the profile of your lips without requiring any filters, surgery, or potentially dangerous suction methods.


✅ Increase lip volume by 60-70%
✅ Reduce the appearance of surface lines by approximately 39%
✅ Improve hydration up to 70%
✅ Visually smoothen and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
✅ Promotes anti-aging.
 Promotes collagen synthesis and increases lip elasticity.
 Repairs the lips and makes them fuller instantly.
 Suitable for ALL skin types.