60 Patches Acne Pimple Master Tags Blemish Remover Sticker

Combat Skin Tags, Acne and Blemishes with the Skin Tag and Acne Master PatchIt is a revolutionary skin patch that allowing for quick and safe skin tag removal. Hydro colloid pimple stickers can efficiently absorb wound exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation,be good for cell repair and speed up wound healing.

Prevents bacteria invasion, protects blemish from external pollution and irritation while providing a mild, moist, and unpolluted healing environment

Invisible, drug-free, waterproof, and breathable, can be worn day or night, with or without makeup. 

Non-drying thanks to his hydrophilicity, which won't dry or irritate surrounding skin, perfect for all skin types and all ages

Warm Tips:

Please wash your face and dry it before use, especially the forehead and the T area, and please do not apply any cream to not affect the stickiness.
Works mainly for pimples with fluid or pus in it, not very useful for closed comedo




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