Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Anti-Aging Shrink Pore

The product can enhance the skin cell’s metabolism. It has an anti-aging function, which could maintain skin elasticity as well as realize the anti-wrinkle effect; in addition, it has the function of anti-inflammation, anti-sensitization, and astringing. It also has a good moisture-holding capacity.
Hoping to rewind the traces of years revealed on your foreheadeye area, and rest of the face? Anti-Wrinkle 24k gold serum is crafted with anti-aging six peptides which signal the body for additional collagen production to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles
24k gold contains antioxidant ingredients and gold foil particles to help the skin resist aging. It quickly penetrates into the skin and activates the cells
The peptide promotes the production of collagen and improves the dermis, the achievement of anti-wrinkle effect, and the reduction of fine lines
Rich in nicotinamide, also know as vitamin B3, can reduce and inhibit melanin production, block its transfer to the surface cells while accelerating cell metabolism and maintaining moisture content on the skin
Rich in hyaluronic acid, promotes skin metabolism, nourishing skin, replenishment, prevents moisture loss from the skin, It can improve skin metabolism, making skin soft, smooth while reducing wrinkles and enhancing elasticity
Relieve dryness, shrink pores, and repair skin damages by using. Moisture protective membrane can help achieve the water-oil balance for your skin so as to make your skin delicate and smooth. It can repair the fragile skin after sun exposure, wake up the dull the tired skin, as well as astringe the skin
It is extracted from fresh beetroots containing betaine, which can remove freckles, improve the skin’s vascular permeability, moisturize the skin as well as resist oxidation. Recommended for long-term use, short-term effects vary from person to person

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