iciCosmetic™ Electric Heated Joint Knee Pain Relief Physiotherapy Massager

Knee pain is the most common complaint that affects people of all ages, and the number of knee problems is steadily increasing.

Now you can relieve knee pain INSTANTLY with the help of our iciCosmetic™ Heated Knee Massager

What can the iciCosmetic™ heat knee brace help for?

iciCosmetic™ Heated Joint Massager is a revolution for sore and painful joints. Whether you suffer from painful knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, or neck our heated joint massager uses heated vibration therapy to help reduce swelling and massage & soothe your stiff and sore joints. 


✅ Helps Improve Day to Day Life - By soothing your sore & achy joints The Heated Joint massager can make your daily life easier, whether you get sore joints from physical activity or Arthritis

✅ Improved Mood - Easing those constant aches can relieve stress, increase energy, improve your mood, and can increase your overall sense of wellbeing

✅ Feel Better On The Go - The Heated Joint Massager is portable & convenient it also uses a rechargeable battery meaning you can soothe your joints & muscles at home, traveling or when carrying out your daily errands

✅ Improved Sleep - relieving aches & soreness can reduce stress and will make you feel more relaxed, in turn, will allow for a longer and deeper sleep and makes you wake up feeling well-rested and ready for the day ahead.

✅ Increased Flexibility & Recovery -  Using heated vibration therapy our joint massager can increase blood flow and make connective tissue more flexible. It can also help decrease joint stiffness, muscle spasms, help reduce inflammation and the build-up of fluid in the tissue.

✅ Universal Relief - The Heated Joint Massager has a universal strap and can be applied to any joint or muscle on your body, from your knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, and neck

✅ No More Expensive Treatments  - Trips to the Physio, sports massages, or doctors injections for temporary help with pain can be very expensive.  The Heated Joint massager is a one time purchase and can be used again and again.


Living with constantly painful joints can be debilitating. It can be really frustrating that normal things in life have now become difficult like playing with your children or grandchildren, driving, sports, or even simply getting up or walking up the stairs can be painful. Here at iciCosmetic™, we understand your pain and frustration which is the sole reason we created the Heated Joint Massager, to help you start enjoying life on your terms again.

Package Includes:
1x Joint Massager 58CM
1x Extender Strap 73CM (Total Length 1.3M)

1x Charging Cable + UK Plug