IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine iciCosmetic™

IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine. Check The Details To Know More


2 Effective Modes - The manual flash mode is ideal for removing hair from the bikini line (4 minutes), lips and underarms (1 minute), and other minor regions. The automated flash mode is ideal for removing hair from big areas like the thighs, arms, and back (8 mins).

5 Energy Levels - This IPL hair removal system includes 5 distinct energy levels to accommodate a variety of skin sensitivities, and the best energy level may be adjusted to suit skin tolerance. The bigger the strength and the better the effect, the higher the level.

Safety & Long Service Life - Longevity & Safety IPL technology is completely harmless to your skin. It has a skin recognition device that flashes when the skin is recognized. After use, regular sweat and sebum secretion will not be affected. (When using the epilator, please wear goggles.) Upgraded to 999,900 flashes, with extended pulse life and several uses.

Effective Permanent IPL Hair Removal - The hair removal equipment interrupts the hair regeneration cycle by using IPL technology to cause the melanin in hair follicles to enter a dormant state, effectively delaying hair development and allowing you to say goodbye to redundant hair for good.

The result of hair removal varies depending on hair and skin color. Please bear with us.)

Easy to Use & Unique Ice Compress Function - With a unique ice compress function, it's simple to use. When you use the ice mode, you can get both hair removal and cooling care.

The ice compress function can relieve the discomfort of a high-grade burning sensation, soothe your skin, reduce redness and swelling, and give a painless, calming, and mild treatment that will not injure your skin.It takes around 10 seconds for the cooling system to cool down.

Package Includes -
✅ IPL Hair Remover x 1 PC
✅ Safety Glasses for protecting eyes x 1pc
✅ Adapto plug x 1 set
✅ Operation Manual in English x 1 PC
✅ Shaving knife x 1 PC