Push Up Bra Shapewear Posture Corrector iciCosmetic™

Are you in search of a great push-up bra that can improve your posture and give great support to your breasts? There are many push-up bras that are available however they do not provide comfort or support as promised. And therefore, we have come up with this outstanding push-up bra shapewear posture corrector. This push-up bra shapewear is made from superior quality silky fabrics. It is very soft to touch and is very light in weight.

This posture correcting shapewear is specially designed for women as it helps to keep the upper posture straight. It also provides great comfort and lifts to your chest. It forestalls the sagging of your chestand also helps in creating a slim and hourglass body shape. This fabric is completely breathable that will allow air ventilation so that you do not feel congested.

This shapewear is a great choice to lift up your breast and give support so that it can appear more round and full. Besides, it also helps to cover the flabby fats of your armpits and upper back rolls. It has a wide straps vest design along with high and elasticity that will make you look slimmer and gorgeous. It instantly improves your posture and gives a great look.

You can also wear this shapewear daily underneath your top, shirt, dress. It comes with an adjustable hook-eyeso that you can easily wear it. You can also adjust the side compression level as per your requirement. This invisible chest lifter comes within a middle hollow design so that you can pair it up with any of your bras to give a perfect fit. You can easily wear this shape wear all day as it will not give you a tight-fitting or squeeze your breasts.