Teeth Whitening Kit iciCosmetic™

Get Super White Teeth

 Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit has been clinically proven to achieve the fastest results. The ingredients of the gel will not cause you any pain or tenderness during the process. You will obtain in just 2 applications at least 2 whiter shades.

No More Yellow Teeth

It is the simplest and most effective whitening process in the world. Our specially formulated Teeth Whitening Gel works like no other to quickly remove the nastiest of dental stains and get your teeth shining!
Each session only lasts 10 minutes and you will have up to 34 applications in your kit.

Insured Benefits

  • Supports sensitive teeth 
  • Whiter teeth by at least 7 shades ✔
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Self-customizable mouth trays 
  • Vegan-friendly & animal cruelty-free 
  • Safe for veneers, caps, and crowns 
  •  You will Smile with confidence, looking fresher and younger 

How to use:

-Fill Mouth Trays and whiten teeth.

-Place some drops of gel on trays.

-Place the mouth trays into your mouth, and adjust it.

-Turn on the LED, and hold it close to your teeth for the duration of whitening treatment about 15 minutes.