Foot air pressure leg massager iciCosmetic™

Our foot air pressure leg massager has 3+3 larger airbags that may press repeatedly from the feet to the thighs. This air compression leg massager optimizes the pinch touch of massage therapists, mild and hard. Effectively relieves pain and fatigue, can assist with RLS, cramps, or other leg disorders, and is particularly beneficial for post-exercise recuperation. It covers your complete leg from foot to thigh, effectively reduces swelling and pain, and can assist with RLS, Cramps, Edema, and other conditions.
This foot leg massager comes with 3 massage modes and 3 pressure intensities, from different massage settings, 6 Modes: Auto, Leg, Foot, Press, Pinch, Relax Massage to meet different massage needs, from a gentle one to a strong professional one, You will undoubtedly find the right mode and intensity for your preference. This gadget uses air compression treatment, which is commonly used in hospitals and does not require any vibration or kneading.
This electric foot and leg massager can be easily adjusted to change the size and intensity, and the two free extenders we designed for the Foot air pressure leg massager machine can make the maximum calves size up to Maximum foot circumference: 36cm, Maximum calf circumference: 55.5CM, so it fits legs of all sizes; get one for the whole family to use. Knee temperatures: 35°C, 45°C, and 55°C (default low temperature is 35°C).
The automatic shut-off feature after 20 minutes ensures a safe user experience by avoiding the leg massager from overheating, which is especially good for the elderly. There is no noise interference when using the leg massager, with a noise level of 57dB for the low mode and 60dB for the high mode. The portable controller has an output voltage of 3.7V/2.5A and a product power of 10W, making it suitable for usage at home and in the workplace. Once completely charged for 4 hours, it can operate for roughly 2-3 hours in various modes.
This leg and foot massager may be used at home or in the workplace, it's beneficial for health care, it's lightweight and simple to pack, and Foot air pressure leg massager would make a wonderful present for people of all ages on their birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. Compression intervals are used to increase circulation in the leg and aid in blood flow back to the heart; it is also good for recovery after running or activity.