Electric heated waist belt for menstrual period back-belly pain relief iciCosmetic™

Our Electric heated waist belt for a menstrual period back-belly pain relief is more convenient, small and light in weight, easy to carry. The Heated Waist Belt is made of high-quality soft fabric and durable materials for long time use. Ultra-thin, which is light, breathable and comfortable. The Heating Belt for Colic is the perfect device to stop colic in a few minutes of use, through electrical vibrations the massage belt between colic emits magnetic waves that will work directly on the pain points of menstrual and abdominal cramps, it has three massage intensities and three different temperatures for you to choose according to your needs.

The Hot Compress Belt is suitable for women during menstruation, people who lack exercise, people with chronic waist ache and the elder. Also suitable for Multiple body parts hot compress, especially great for warming Waist, Abdomen, Stomach. This device contains too many black technologies. Graphene heating is safe, healthy and effective.
3 Gears vibration massage and intelligent temperature control, more functional options. Intelligent constant temperature control, three-stage adjustable vibration, three-stage adjustable hot compress. Compare with the last generation menstrual pain relief device. It is more convenient to carry and use.
This Uterus Heating Belt can warm the stomach and uterus, warm the waist and protect kidney function. It just needs to be fully charged in time, you can enjoy the warmth and relieve abdominal pain. Electric Hot Compress Belt is integrated body designs, non‑detachable or folding, high safety to use, you can use it with confidence. Convenient for you to carry, you can take it to travel.
The new generation of our heating pad costs more It just needs to be fully charged in time, you can enjoy the warmth and relieve abdominal pain. Battery Capacity: 1800mAh. Charging time: About 3-4 hours to full. Weight: 180g. Product Size: 160x90x35mm. Quickly double touch the heating switch, after three seconds it will heat up. There are 3 temperatures, (39,45 and 50℃). Touch the switch again to adjust the temperature.