Teeth Whitening Essence Powder

Say goodbye to yellow teeth. Our tooth whitening essence powder is a good helper for cleaning the mouth, whitening the teeth, and refreshing the breath.
Effectively remove various stains on the surface of teeth, such as smoke stains, coffee stains, With mint ingredients while whitening teeth and eliminating bad breath.
Suitable for all kinds of exogenous colorings, such as smoke stains, tea stains, coffee, cola, colored food, yellow teeth, black teeth caused by bad habits. It has strong absorption and humidification capabilities. Brighten up and whiten your teeth, and restore your teeth to natural color and luster. Show a confident smile and get more friendly eyes.

Its components can reduce the rough texture of the tooth surface, thereby protecting tooth enamel. It improves oral hygiene. A powerful formula that is a healthy alternative to teeth and gums, fluoride, or bleach.
Easy to carry and use. Improve bacterial reproduction and improve dental problems caused by pigmentation. Natural whitening and decontamination, use with confidence.
Clean the mouth and make your teeth bright like pearls, follow the plaque, black teeth, yellow teeth, tea stains, Suitable for home travel. We eat food every day, and if we don't brush our teeth or not brush our teeth in time, which will cause the teeth to slowly turn yellow and produce tooth stains and plaque.
Our products are suitable for removing tooth stains and whitening teeth at home without going to the hospital.  Safe, effective, and does not irritate the gums.
After you receive it, we're so certain you will love it that if you don't, you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund.