Double electric breast pump iciCosmetic™

Our double electric breast pump may be pumped more effectively using a double breast pump design. The pumping power ranges from 80 to 320mmHg. A soft and warm silicone massage pad will replicate the baby's sucking rhythm and induce breastfeeding. All of the pieces are made of food-grade silicone and do not contain any dangerous elements. Each component may be built and disassembled in a variety of ways. All replaceable pieces, with the exception of the electrical components, are dishwasher safe.
Massage and Expression Modes are available on the Double electric breast pump. Rotate the Stepless Knob to select the appropriate suction strength. Simple to use in the pocket and prevents inadvertent contact. Three modes (Massage, Suction, Bionic, and Sensitive Nipple Protection), you may easily modify the frequency, and say goodbye to breast discomfort.
The product power, sucking time, mode, and intensity are all clearly shown on the LED screen. When pumping breast milk, the ultra-quiet design will not disturb anyone around you. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport. You won't have to worry about anything thanks to the built-in lithium battery's large capacity.
Secondary contamination caused by milk backflow, motor or tube damage is avoided by using a scientific anti-backflow design. All elements of the breast pump are constructed of food-grade (BPA-FREE) materials that are free of hazardous toxins. A soft breast cushion soothes the areola while providing a tight seal and snug fit to prevent milk leakage.

A double electric breast pump may be recharged using a USB wire. It has a 2200mAh battery that can be used for more than 2.5 hours after being completely charged, making it ideal for travel and outdoor emergency use. The LCD Blue-Ray digital display lets you view the panel well even at night. And the engine produces little noise, so it won't annoy your family. Double Pump Model; 140ml capacity, 5V voltage, 10W power, 2000mA current, Package : *1, Pump Body *2, Cover *2, Bottle cover (Nipple) *2, Air tube *2, Duckbulk Valve *2, USB line *1