Electric Dental Scaler and Whitening Cleaner Charcoal Carbon Powder Kit iciCosmetic™

Have you tried a lot of methods that remove the tartar from teeth without going to the dentist and nothing has worked?

Our Electric Dental Scaler is the only real way to remove tartar without going to the dentist. You can remove tartar from your teeth without problems, easily, in a short time and, most interesting, you can do it at home!
The scaler tip is built of high-quality surgical steel, which is exactly the same the professionals use.
The dental calculus remover is very safe to use and not painful. You can use it to remove the tartar without damaging the teeth. Its power is adjusted so you can remove the tartar at home without damaging the teeth, doesn't matter if you aren't a professional.
It's perfect for you, easy to grip due to its high-quality plastic, and even has IPX6 waterproof!


✅ Effectively cleans and whitens teeth.
✅ Removes the toughest stain, plaque, and tartar build-up.
✅ Suitable for daily use.
✅ High-frequency vibration remover.
✅ High-quality materials, medical, dental material.
 Remove dental calculus, tartar smoke, tea spot, etc.
 Works even for those with sensitive teeth and gums.