Facial Collagen Sheet Mask Moisturizer Anti Aging Skin Care

It is light, silky, breathable and easy to absorbContaining a lot of serum essence, along with its super permeability, this beauty mask with a three-dimensional design can adapt to your face smoothly, perfectly covering your entire face.
Hyaluronic Acid Serum Facial MaskMoisture and Nourish Containing natural moisturizing factors - small molecule Hyaluronic Acid essence, this mask could quickly penetrate into the dermis layer, deeply moisturize, nourish and repair the skin.

Rose Serum Facial MaskNourish and Brighten Containing natural rose essence extracted by the cold-pressing extraction process, rich with Vitamin B5, this mask could deeply penetrate and nourish the skin so as to condition the skin and remove the dryness, roughness and fine lines.



Collagen Serum Facial MaskAnti-Ageing and Anti-Wrinkles Containing 99.9 Gold Foil and Collagen, this mask could directly reach the bottom of the skin, tighten and lift the skin, improve flabby skin, fade wrinkles, and help defend ageing.


Acne Treatment Serum Facial Mask: Acne Healing and Repair Skin Containing Tea Tree Extract and multiple plant extracts, this mask can effectively diminish inflammation, treat acne and pimples, fade acne scars and shrink pores. Continuous use of this mask for 7 to 14 days can improve the roughness caused by acne.



Soothing Serum Facial Mask: Anti-Rougeurs and Skin Repair. Containing a variety of plant extracts, this mask could effectively repair sensitive skin and enhance the skin's self-repair ability, thus restoring the skin to a healthy state.


Vitamin C Serum Facial Mask: Brighten and Fade Spots Containing high-activity small molecule Vitamin C essence, along with the efficient antioxidant activity, this mask could whiten and brighten the skin colour, fade spots, remove blemishes and melanin, and restore skin elasticity.


Retinol Serum Facial Mask: Lifting and Firming Containing vitamin A, which accelerates collagen production, this mask could lift and tighten the skin, fade wrinkles, accelerate metabolism and make the skin tender and shiny. 

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