Ultra-thin Tights Nylon Pantyhose Plus Size iciCosmetic™

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing short dresses or skirts? If yes, then one of the most perfect solutions is to wear stockings underneath the dresses so that they can cover your leg and also give a beautiful look. Besides, it also provides warmness in the winters. If you are in search of great quality sheer tights, then this Ultra-thin Tights Nylon Pantyhose Plus Size is the most perfect option for you.
If you are a plus size, then you do not need to worry anymore about the fitting. These sheer tights is specially made for plus size women and give a perfect fitting to the largest sizes. It also provides a great level of comfort as it has high elasticity. These plus size stockings are sheer in appearance and are very light in weight. The fabric is quite breathable so that it allows air ventilation.
This stocking is made from the high-quality course and silk fabric and is very soft to touch. It is an anti-snagging stocking and also provides a slimmer look to your legs. This is a wear-resistant stocking and is completely skin-friendly. It is highly durable and does not cause any kind of allergies or side effects to your skin. It gives you a beautiful look and enhances the overall beauty of your outfit. You can now show your beauty in this perfect shading of stockings.
This stocking is made with an innovative non-run design and is made from 12 yards that allow you to wear them for longer hours. It has a non-pinching waistband that is extremely comfortable and keeps your tights in place without rolling down. You can also wash these sheer tights in the washing machine without any worries. The waistband of this stocking is wide and does not give you a tight fit. Comes in four beautiful colours and has a reinforced toe design.