Baby bottle warmer & sterilizer iciCosmetic™

The major advantage of our baby bottle warmer & sterilizer is that it can keep milk and baby meals at a consistent temperature. It is effective in preventing nutrient loss. The anti-dry-burning technology will keep you safe. When there is no water in our bottle warmer, the anti-dry-burning feature immediately switches it down. 6 specially created functions that meet all of your needs are Fast Warming/Steaming/Food Heating/Normal Warming/Fast Thawing/Constant Thawing. This all-in-one device is ideal for growing families, this all-in-one gadget.
80ml of water produces enough steam to heat the milk thoroughly between 3-7 minutes. Drink at any moment to keep the baby from screaming. In 6 hours, keep infant food warm. It is healthier for newborns to heat baby food with water insulation. When the heating or steaming is finished, the power is turned off automatically. More secure and convenient. The LED screen of our baby bottle warmer clearly displays the preset temperature, which you can easily alter with the touch button.
Open changeable lid is ideal for all types of bottles, whether wide-mouth or angled, and allows you to heat milk and food at the same time. It can defrost frozen breastmilk, steam nipples, bottles, and baby fork and spoon; it is easy to use while holding your baby with one hand. Our baby bottle warmer & sterilizer includes an open movable lid that can handle many types of bottles, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, and silicone bottles. Milk warmers are composed of food-grade PP safety material, making their use safer and more secure.
Built-in temperature sensor probe, semiconductor sensing probe, external probe, Micro-soft temperature control, and external NTC temperature control probe The bottle warmer accurately maintains the temperature of the milk, water, and meals for 24 hours to accommodate each baby's preferences and avoid overheating. The touch button will display the current temperature in real-time. Food grade PP safety material is used. Perfectly comfort hunger and a wailing infant at night, providing the family with a restful night's sleep.
The use of a luminous display screen makes nighttime operation more comfortable and safe. We carefully check the safety of raw ingredients, such as milk powder. Because our bottle warmer can retain the water at an optimal temperature, this is the finest option for heating up the baby formula with water. Voltage: 220 volts, Frequency: 50hz, Power: 200 watts. Body * 1, Basket * 1, Cover * 1 are included in the package.