Professional Automatic Curling Iron IciCosmetic™

Create flawless curls and waves at the push of a button. Hair Goes In – Curl Comes Out!

Hair is drawn into the titanium coated curling chamber, gently wrapped, held and heated from all directions, to make perfect curls every time!

Ceramic Heating Technology

Distributes far-infrared heat evenly across the barrel surface while the conditioning benefits of negative ions result in shinier, healthier, and more beautiful hair. 

Temperature and Time Settings

Temperature can be set from LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH (80-210 °C), with timer settings available from 15s, 17s, or 19s.

According to your hair type, choose different temperatures and timings to achieve the effect you want (flexible waves, soft loops or more defined loop effects).

360° Swivel and Automatic Shut off mode

360° swivel cord with 2m length to prevent the cord from tangling. The automatic shut off mode will turn off your styler after 60 minutes of non-use,

2 Curve Directions and LCD Display

The Curl direction can be controlled with the left and right push buttons. Specially designed with an LCD screen and a buzzer indicator to inform you when you should loosen the curler.

Curling hair has never been so effortless with ICICOSMETIC™!


  • Temperature settings: adjustable (80-210 °C; 180-410 °F)
  • Timer settings: 15s, 17s, and 19s.
  • Display: LCD digital display
  • Rated Voltage: 110-240V
  • Rated Power: 25W
    • Saves Time : It allows you to easily and very quickly curl all your hair. Unlike traditional curling irons, which require a lot of good technique, our hair curler is super easy to use, ensuring great consistency and high-quality result.
    • Works on All Hair Types : Whether you have short or long locks; thick or thin, our three-barrel curling iron works like a charm.
    • Healthier and Long-Lasting Effect : Thanks to special tourmaline ceramic technology, the triple barrel hair curler releases large amounts of negatively charged ions that create soft, shiny waves, without any frizz. This reduces the damage to your hair, ensuring that it remains healthy and the desired shape lasts much longer.
    • Designed for Durability : We’re proud to have over 14,000 happy women curling their hair around the world. We stand behind our product and offer a 40-day money-back guarantee.


    We know you'll love our hair curler, which is why we offer a Risk-free 40-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your product simply contact our customer service team and receive your money back.