Smart head massager iciCosmetic™

Have you ever wondered that just like your face, your scalp also needs that extra care to maintain healthy and beautiful hair? Well, we have come up with this Smart head massager that will help you to provide great exfoliation and care to your scalp.
It is made from superior quality ABS material And food grade silicon To provide a gentle massage to your scalp. It is highly durable for long term use and is very light in weight. It fits perfectly in your hands and is super comfortable to use. It is absolutely skin-friendly and prevent hair tangling.
This is a slip resistant massager that provides relief from pain, headaches, insomnia and relaxes your head. It also promotes blood circulation and can be used all over your body to have a great relief from pain and soreness. It is also completely waterproof and can be used on a dry or wet scalp while taking a shower.
It comes with two changeable attachments And two-speed modes to choose. It has an automatic 10 minute shut off feature to ensure safety. You can easily use this device for around one week once fully charged. Its one-button function makes this device super convenient to use.
The best part of this head massager is that it comes with a UVC disinfection lamp to get rid of all the bacteria. It also has a red light that promotes hair growth and softens the scalp. This is also an excellent gift option for your family and friends. Get your Head massager now to enjoy a great head and body massage.