Adjustable Plantar Drop Orthotic Brace Elastic Dorsal Night Splint

Adjustable Plantar Drop Orthotic Brace Elastic Dorsal Night Splint. Check The Details To Know More

Pain Relief - A resilient aluminium bar at the instep and dorsiflexion assist strap that stretches from the ankle to the toes to keep our plantar fasciitis night support splint comfortably holding the foot at an 85 to 90-degree angle throughout the night, effectively reducing foot and heel pain.

Material of High Quality - This breathable plantar fasciitis brace with open heel design is made of high-quality, sturdy, and soft material to assist ease ankle and foot discomfort for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Sizing - The support brace is easy to put on and take off, and it can be adjusted in length, degree, and compression for the optimum results, securing it in position at all times.

1 Size Fits Most - Fits ankles with circumferences ranging from 6.7 to 15.3 inches (17 to 39 cm); Ergonomic and flexible design allow this brace to fit most adult foot sizes, right or left foot, male or female; Women wear heels, and they suffer from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, flat feet, bone spurs, and other foot problems.

Massage Ball - The firm massage ball with a prickly outer layer simulates plantar fasciitis symptoms, boosts circulation, and relieves tightness.