Knee Brace Orthopedic for Postoperative Recovery iciCosmetic™

Knee Brace Orthopedic for Postoperative Recovery. Check The Details To Know More

Immobilizer - An immobilizer is a leg brace with a hinged brace lock that can lock at any radius. On both sides of the brace, you can adjust the range of motion with a sliding switch. If the slide switches are set to zero, the lock/unlock switches on each side can be set to "Lock," and the device will serve as an immobilizer. Adjust the bilateral range of motion settings between 0°-120° flexion and 0°-90° extension.
Anti-Slip Shoulder Strap - The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap prevents the bag from sliding or slipping down. It won't need to be adjusted very often.
✅ Extender hinge allows you to alter the length with just one touch of a button, ranging from 48 to 62cm/18.824.4inch and may be modified to meet your specific needs.
✅ This knee brace stabilizer's thigh circumference measurement: It does not fit a specified circumference. The velcro straps adjust to fit most thigh sizes. It also fits well if you have particularly large thighs.

Usage -
1. Knee immobilizer hinged offers firm fixation of the knee joint after surgery;
2. Treat for injury of side-secondary ligaments of knee joints;
3. Treat for injury of front-crossing ligaments of knee joints;
4. Efficiently for acute injury of surrounding soft tissue of knee joints.
5. Provide additional stabilization for meniscus tears, ACL, MCL, LCL, Tendonitis, Knee Surgeries, and Fractures. Synthetical knee joint instability recovery and therapy.

Simply rotate the hinge with the lock by pressing and rotating it:
✅ Extension Limitation At - 0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90°
✅ Flexion Limitation At - 
0°,10°,20°,30°,40°,50°,60°,70°,80°,90°,100°, 110°,120°
✅ Immobilization Limitation At - 

What is the best way to adjust the flexion and extension?
1. Press and hold the Unlock button.
2. Reinsert the plastic stops after pulling them to the appropriate place.
3. The leg can move when the extension angle is larger than the bending angle. The range of activity differs between the two perspectives. Then fasten it with a lock.
4. The knee support is fixed when the extension angle equals the bending angle.

1Pcs * Hinged Knee Brace Rom for Left Leg and Right Leg