Support Strap Elevator Poliomyelitis Hemiplegia Stroke Universal Size iciCosmetic™

Support Strap Elevator Poliomyelitis Hemiplegia Stroke Universal Size. Check The Details To Know More


Multi-Use - Can be used as a walking or sleeping foot drop brace. ** Can be worn barefoot or with a variety of footwear. For extra lift, consider wearing the upper brace backward.

Discrete - Not all AFO Foot Drop Braces are created equal, and unlike bulky AFO braces, the DOSH Brace's low profile design makes it practically invisible when worn with jeans.

Versatile - This soft Dorsiflexion Foot Drop brace is unisex and one size fits most (up to the 12-inch ankle or foot circumference). It can be worn on either the right or left foot.

Comfort - This drop foot brace is made of a soft, lightweight material that is comfortable to wear all day and night.

Suitable for people - Achilles tendon meningitis with fasciitis, plantar fasciitis, early only plantar flexion convulsion, calf, spasm (runners spasm) and premenstrual syndrome Long-term bed, prevent foot drop, reduce joint strain, improve microcirculation for the foot