Hair Growth Spray Essential Oil Liquid

Our Hair Growth Spray Essential Oil Liquid has the function of accelerating blood circulation of the scalp, improving the mass of hair follicles and roots, swelling the hair roots, promoting melanin synthesis, repairing hair quality. Our hair growth spray is effective in all types of hair loss. It is the most effective herbal hair product.

Hair Growth Spray Essential Oil Liquid, which adopts ginseng extract, angelica extract, polygonum multiform extract, is processed by the high-tech biology project SFE by extracting effective active ingredients under these herbs. This product has its unique and precise formula, delicate raw materials and perfect craftsmanship. This not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also preserves the bioactivity of these raw materials.

Adopts natural plant formula. It is rich in plant essences and can be easily and effectively absorbed by the hair, making the hair look more beautiful with more shine. Provides the hair permanently with nutrients and water, while providing the necessary energy to maintain shine and health, restore inner strength and activity.

Protect and prevent the hair from damage, strengthen the hair root and the hair end. The first step is to change the environment of excessive hair oil, the second is to protect and repair the original hair, and the third is to stimulate the growth of hair follicles that have failed. The spray acts as a deep scalp moisturizer as well as hair softener, ensuring shiny and healthy strands inside and out. Keeps the scalp from itchiness and dryness.

Hair Growth Spray Essential Oil Liquid can be safely sprayed on the scalp, chest, underarms, legs and other parts to make the hair plump immediately. The chemical-free solution does not contain any harmful substances or side effects. The regenerative ginger spray is suitable for thick beard or hair to prevent hair loss, moisturize and repair hair. Natural formula, Made of natural extracts that are safe and healthy for the hair scalp.

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