50pcs Reusable Eyelashes Brush Tube iciCosmetic™

Every woman loves to enhance the beauty of their eyes by wearing false lashes or applying eyeliner, mascara, etc. If you are looking for a reusable eyelash brush then you are at the right place. We have come up with this outstanding 50 pcs reusable eyelashes brush tube. This can be one of the most useful tools that you can have in your make-up kit.
This eyelash brush can be reused and replaced as it is detachable. It comes in various different coloursto choose from such as black, blue, pink, etc. It comes in enough quantity so that you can use and replace the brushes without any worries. The length of this brush is around 11 cm with a diameter of about 1.2 cm. It is a perfect brush that is suitable for almost all kinds of disposable eyelash brushes and you can also replace them.
These eyelash brushes are highly durable and can be used for the long term. It does not have any smelland is made from a crystal handle and soft fibre bristles. The tube is made from superior quality plastic and is absolutely non-toxic and odourless. These brushes are quite sturdy and are hard to break. The wand of these brushes is spiral so that you can easily create gorgeous and beautiful eyelashes.
These brushes have an ergonomic design along with vibrant colours. The handle has a pretty glittery look that is quite eye-catchy and grabs the attention of the people. The head of this tube comes in various different patterns. This tube will also protect the mascara wands from dirt or dust and will keep them clean. This is also a perfect gift option that you can give to your friends or families who are passionate about makeup and loves to apply them every single day.