4 Pcs collagen eye hyaluronic acid serum face cream iciCosmetic™

Our 4 Pcs collagen eye hyaluronic acid serum face cream has 21% moisturizing assets, ensuring its efficacy even after regular usage. This face cream provides deep hydration while also forming a thin layer that prevents skin dryness and enhances suppleness. This hydrating face cream is also an antioxidant, so you'll have much healthier, smoother, and free-radical-free skin.
This pro-elasticity and anti-oxidant moisturizing face cream have a recipe that allows it to be used both day and night. This moisturizing cream should be applied to clean skin on the face, neck, and neckline in the morning and at night. Our eye anti-wrinkle serum, which provides firming and restorative hydration, can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles, and puffy redness to keep your eyes looking attractive.
Our Skin Generics moisturizing cream comes in a convenient package that is ideal for putting in your toiletry bag or pocket. It has a very light, soft feel, and when it dries on the skin, it leaves no residue or unpleasant sensations since it penetrates deeply into the skin and operates rapidly. Our eye serum encourages antioxidants and collagen production to protectagainst UV exposure, minimize under-eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles, and regenerate the thin, fragile skin around the eyes to make them seem more refreshed and young.
This ultra-moisturizing face, neck, and décolleté cream are primarily composed of active complexes including 8% hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), 10% Lipomoist (moisturizing), 3% Diglycerine (moisturizing), and 0.02 % Lipochroman (antioxidant). With Skin Generics, you can give your skin the softness and moisture it craves; begin today to look wonderful and healthy! A Day and Night Eye Serum that is Anti-Aging and suitable for all skin types. Smooth and non-sticky, it absorbs quickly. It will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while also restoring a youthful glow.
This face, neck, and decollete cream and serum is developed with components that are suited for all skin types, however, it is most commonly suggested for normal/dry skin. Its active compounds heal and prevent dryness by softening the skin, deeply hydrating it, and restoring its natural suppleness. The natural ingredients lift and repair skin, penetrating deeply to enhance skin look after 30 minutes and leaving a smooth, elegant skin feel.

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Fishtail line
  • Chuan character wrinkles
  • Nasolabial wrinkles
  • Eye pouch wrinkles
  • Rich expression
  • Improper nursing
  • The outflow of collagen protein
  • Make you look 10 years older
  • Deep hydration for your skin
  • Moisturize & Renew
  • Anti-aging cream
  • Brighten & Protect
  • Lift & tighten
  • Smooth & non-greasy

  • Package:
  • 3 Pcs + Gift 1 Pc
  • FACE SERUM 15ml
  • EYE CREAM 20g
  • FACE CREAM 30g
  • GIFT:
  • FACE SERUM 15ml