3 in1 Multifunction cholesterol uric acid glucose meter kit iciCosmetic™

Are you looking for a device that will provide accurate results of your glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, etc? If yes, then this 3 in1 Multifunction Cholesterol Uric acid Glucose Meter Kit is the perfect option for you. The design of this device is quite ergonomic and portable.
This kit consists of advanced Electrochemical biosensor technology to provide you with précised and accurate results to manage your blood sugar level. It also includes a control solution that you can use to check the local meter and strips. You can easily carry it with you while traveling.

This glucometer kit is quite easy to use. It has a code-free design and displays the results if you insert a strip. It also consists of a step-by-step instruction manual that helps you to take the test correctly. It is super easy to follow without any hassle.
It provides the results just in seven seconds. All it needs is your 0.7 micro little blood and you are all set. It is super quick and less painful. This kit has four different moods to record your glucose value. It is one of the most convenient tools that you can use to manage your Diabetes and other health problems.
It is also perfect for aged people as the display is larger as compared to other monitors. It shows the results clearly and is very convenient for old people to read. It also has an auto strips recognition function that will recognise the strips instantly once inserted.