3D reusable V shaper full face lift sleeping mask iciCosmetic™

Our 3D reusable V shaper full facelift sleeping mask acts uniformly on the facial tissues, increases blood circulation, and tightens the neck, cheekbones, and chin. Make a beautiful V-shape on your chin. The face-lift belt can improve skin elasticity and smoothness without the need for medicines, injections, or surgery. Display a youthful and appealing appearance.
The facial bandage is comprised of soft, breathable, and elastic high-quality polyester fibre. Tighten the skin, improve facial contours flawlessly, suited for all face shapes, gentle for all skin types, will not cause allergic responses, no adverse effects. our face lifting strap can improve wrinkles on the face, thereby improving the double chin.
360° high-efficiency fixing, a 3D facial design that completely fits the face, resulting in more uniform facial lifting and tightening. It is long-lasting and can be utilised several times. Simple physical procedures can be used to modify the form of the face such that it is gentle on different skin types and does not create unwanted reactions.
Lightweight and compact, saving space, can be set in any corner, and even transported while tripping, you can watch TV, play games, sleep while having fun with face-lifting and massage, promoting youthful and firm skin, belt give yourself a confident grin. The thin style is suitable for both men and women. Our clinically proven Anti-Aging Chin Strap provides your face, neck, and chin a taut and breathtakingly youthful appearance! It's no surprise that you don't need a time machine now that you look ten years younger.
The face-lift belt is really simple to use. Simply adjust and wear it to enjoy it while sleeping, resting, doing housework, or even working. Elastic fibre with a high tensile strength that is breathable, has strong elasticity and is simple to use, with a sticky buckle and loop that is adjustable from your own. On the back, there are three gears that may be modified to suit your needs.