3 in 1 Postpartum Girdles Recovery Belly After Childbirth

Our 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdles Recovery Belly After Childbirth Belt helps to tuck your belly in, which improves to shrink your uterus back to pre-pregnancy size while maintaining your other ways to realign back to their pre-pregnancy position. It also helps to evade the belly band from rolling up when you seat or leave, is very pleasant & breathable to use, and simple to clean. This Women's Postpartum Body Shaper Belt helps you improve your posture


Essentials for postpartum recovery help you get your body back to its former post childbirth. This postpartum belly band helps reduce swelling, support core abdominal muscles and return the uterus to its original size sooner. It also makes you look instantly slimmer, adding confidence and helping you feel better after having a baby.


Allows put it on easily by yourself and pull is equal from both sides, readjust how tight you want it without taking off the band, keep you supported for a long time. It is a great gift for women just after giving birth or having a surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain. It also has built-in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture during breastfeeding...



  • Promoting recovery from childbirth
  • Encouraging blood flow
  • Improving posture and mobility
  • Reducing back pain
  • Stabilizing your pelvic floor
  • Providing critical support to your abdominal muscles to help with healing or make workouts more comfortable
  • Reducing swelling and fluid retention



After you receive it, we're so certain you will love it that if you don't, you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund.