Magnetic Therapy Gloves Arthritis Pain Relief iciCosmetic™

Magnetic Therapy Gloves Arthritis Pain Relief. Check The Details To Know More

✅ Made from a Spandex and Nylon combination, these gloves are elasticated for a snug fit that will deliver strong compression to your hands.

✅ Unique dispensing design delivers a nice feeling for your hands while enhancing friction.

✅ The clever half-finger design is convenient for finger mobility and can be employed for leisure activities while reducing pressure.

✅ Alleviate inflammation and provide extra support to weak joints. They are thin and light, and will not inhibit normal movement or come in the way of regular activities.

✅ The Dispensing gloves are particularly ideal for cycling, climbing, fitness, playing ball, etc.

Package includes - 2Pcs/Pair * Non-slip half-finger gloves