2Pcs Non-slip Insoles Sticker for High Heels iciCosmetic™

It is quite common for your feet to get slide when wearing footwear such as high heels, flats, etc. If you are looking for a solution to prevent your feet from sliding, then you are at the right place. We have come up with this outstanding 2Pcs Non-slip Insoles Sticker for High Heels that will provide great grip and cushioning.

 These forefoot pads have an anti-slip design and can provide a great grip to make sure that your feet do not slide forward or side words during walking. It will also help to reduce the pressure by providing great comfort to your feet. It has a strong adhesive that will help to keep them in place. It comes in an invisible colour so that it does not get noticed.

 It comes with a grooved surface that will provide resistance from slipping. These pairs are made from superior quality material that is quite stretchable and has great cushioning. It is a perfect solution while wearing open toe shoes such as flip-flops flats, sandals, etc. It is very easy to use this liner. Just fill the tape and stick them to your shoes. It is very convenient and comfortable for a long period.
These grip liners can be used for different kinds of footwear such as shoes, boots, leather shoes, etc. It can be used by both, men and women. The silicon material will provide great comfort and will also help to reduce the pain of your feet. If you are amongst the ones who wear high heels on a daily basis, then these are a great choice for you.