2 in 1 Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager iciCosmetic™

Are you fed up with trying everything to get rid of eye pouches and wrinkles? From anti-aging creams to lotions, nothing seems to really work! Let our Eye Massager reveal a younger-looking you!
Say goodbye to wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles for good! No needles involved!

Our Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager is a cost-effective and pain-free solution that enables you to instantly tighten and lift up your skin around the eye area giving you a fresh and youthful look that will last for good.

Forget expensive, painful, and invasive salon appointments with this safe, effective, and painless alternative that actually works!


  • Eliminate crow's feet, edict lines, and wrinkle around eyes.
  • Remove eye pouch, eye black circle, massage tired eyes.
  • 2 in a 1 massacre, micro-current message and negative ion deep importing.
  • Portable and elegant body, simple, fashionable, and easy to grip.
  • Cooperating with eye cream/essence to import the nutrition up to the bottom layer of skin, which can activate eye cells, improve blood circulation, whiten and brighten eye skin, restore eye elasticity.
  • Suitable for professional and home use.