2 Pieces Upper Arm Shaper iciCosmetic™

With this Upper Arm Shaper stop worrying about your flabby and saggy arms. By firming up your upper arms, it makes them Look noticeably toned and firmed.
a simple solution for those wiggly bat wings without even having to lift up a dumbbell or break a sweat.
Our Upper Arm Shaper is perfect for a curved flawless look! This will become your favorite secret weapon to gorgeous curves. No need to worry about feeling constricted and sweaty while you’re out conquering the day.
this arm lost weight
Get your body looking great. Tone and define your body where it counts.
arm shapper materiel


✅ One Size Fits All.
✅ Soft and comfortable to wear.
✅ Increase the burning of calories.
✅  Easy to use.
✅ Can be used at any time.
✅ Helps Promote Weight Loss.
✅ Suitable for after the bath, before or after the exercise arm, calves can be used.