Moisturize, heal and repair your dry, cracked heels while you sleep with our moisturizing socks!

This Silicone Gel Moisturizing Socks will keep your feet moisture, it prevents and cure plantar fasciitis, dry cracked skin and softening dead skin on your feet.

  • Enriched with moisturizing ingredients to get rid of dry & hard
  • Constantly moisturize the skin to a natural and healthy look
  • Remove bacteria on your feet & in between your toes


COMFORTABLE OVERNIGHT TREATMENT: For the ultimate in heel care and cracked heel treatment, wear our dry heel socks overnight. Our gel socks for cracked heels are designed to be worn over several hours for the best results.

SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Cracked heel treatment socks can be comfortable for sensitive skin! Our open toe socks are made of silicone, making them safe and comfortable for sensitive skin, unlike many other gel lined socks. Treating a crack or callus on your sensitive skin no longer means putting up with irritating moisturizing sock sets.

PERFECTLY VENTILATED: Stay comfortable wearing our silicone foot protector socks overnight. Unlike other foot treatment socks that lead to sweaty feet, ours are ventilated perfectly. Our moisturizing foot socks are a perfect addition to a girls' night in.

PREVENTATIVE CARE: Prevent cracked heel problems before they begin with our moisturizing gel socks. The two pairs of heel gel socks in your order are designed to be worn multiple times for cracked feet treatment and as moisturizing socks overnight. With consistent wear, our silicone socks for cracked heels can make a real difference in the feel and appearance of your feet.


  • Make your feet clean and then soak your feet in warm water for 5-30 minutes
  • Make full use of hand cream, emulsion or other in your toe, heel and foot soles
  • Put on the socks, and then it will close to your skin tightly
  • Suggestion: Each time within 2 hours is recommended
  • Finally, washable with water or neutral detergent, and dry in the shade